2019 Migrant Women’s Conference & Celebration Dinner

The Women’s Conference held on 11 June 2019 at the NSW Parliament House was ACCF’s first event that was specifically dedicated in honouring women. The theme “Migrant Women: From Adversities to Achievements” was chosen considering the complexities migrant women are facing in today’s modern and multicultural society. The 1-day conference brought together women from all walks of life who share common background as a migrant and provided them the opportunity to be inspired by a wide variety of female figures from disciplines such as politics, business, academic, arts, home-making, community services and many more.

The Celebration Dinner at Amora Hotel on the same evening could not have marked a better end to the Migrant Women’s Conference. Having established connections with one another at the conference, speakers and delegates came together at the dinner to celebrate the achievements and contributions made by migrant women in Australia over the past decades. We were absolutely delighted to see the presence of an almost equal number of men at the event despite it being women-focused as it demonstrated strongly the support and respect they have in honouring women. Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, Governor of New South Wales emphasised in her keynote speech that the enormity of migrant’s contribution to the community should not be underestimated as that shaped and built Australia. The night included a wonderful singing performance by Mr Ian Epondulan, as well as cultural dance performances by the Han Fu Ambassador and Nepalese Children’s Cultural Dance Group.

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