St Luke Fund

St Luke Fund
(For Youth & the Disabled)

Dr Peter Wong AM
Founding Chairman of ACCF & Donor of St Luke Fund

What inspired you to set up St Luke Fund?

The great Chinese philosopher spoke about benevolent love (仁) and Mother Teresa of Calcutta of India gave up her comfortable life in a Covent school around 1950 to serve the poor, sick, orphaned and dying.

She gave all her possessions to serve ‘The poorest of the poor’ on the street of Calcutta and later opened many orphanages, hospices, day-care centres, and schools.

Many of us perhaps also have a burning desire to change the world, many of us would also like to leave something behind, even in a small way.


How would you recommend the Legacy Fund to others?

‘Where would my money go to?’, ‘Do they spend some, if not most of the money, in administration and media promotion?’, ‘How long will my donation last?’ and ‘Do I have a say on how the money will be spent?’ are some of the questions in our minds.

The Legacy Fund of ACCF was set up with the purpose to take away the above concerns and to enshrine the future of the funds for our donors.

Like the Capital Fund of ACCF, only interests derived from safe investments such as term deposits will be distributed each year. There will be no administration fees or media advertisements fees, a donor can nominate the purpose of the fund distribution, and will know how much the fund is distributed from ACCF in its annual report.

How much would I need to donate? Usually, it will be $250,000 for the fund to be named after you or someone you wish to remember.

Dear friends, let us leave an imprint in this world, whether small or large.
Yes, ‘Love is Eternal’, but only you can make it so.

Past Beneficiaries




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