History and Milestone


As of the first quarter, a total of $24,750 has been distributed via our emergency assistance funds. These funding are mostly used to provide accommodation or medical needs to those who are experiencing financial hardship arising from unforseen or unexpected circumstance and are unable to receive government assistance.


ACCF has awarded $138,550 to 15 organisations who will be delivering projects across metropolitan and regional NSW as well as in Queensland to help those who are experiencing the issue of homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. These projects address critical community needs, including crisis intervention and support, emergency relief and outreach services, education and prevention services, etc. Through these efforts, ACCF aims to make a meaningful impact on the well-being and resilience of individuals and communities across the regions served.


ACCF launched a flood appeal from March to May in 2022 and raised $40,000 for the Lismore community who are affected by severe floods. We then launched another appeal named “ACCF Flood Relief – Here4You” in partnership with the Australian Lions Foundation (ALF) in December focusing on providing direct assistance to flood-stricken communities. A total of $92,924 was raised and was provided to ALF to provide community with basic needs to return to home and start over.

The Funds & Grants program continued to prioritise their focus on covid-specific needs for 2 targeted groups in 2022 offering support to the aged and those with disabilities or special needs. A sum of $99,290 was awarded to 12 partner organisations, out of which 7 belong to the disabilities/special needs category (Autism Spectrum, Chinese Parents Association – Children with Disabilities, Karitane, KYDS Youth Development Service, Next Sense, Royal Far West and Streetwork) whereas the remaining 5 belong to the aged category (Advance Diversity Services, CASS, CCA NSW, Parkinson’s NSW – Chinatown Bilingual Parkinson’s Support Group and Metro Assist).

The fourth legacy fund, ANSA Family Fund, is established.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the tightening of lockdown restrictions, ACCF redirected funding and resources to the “Start Over” project. This initiative aims to support victims of domestic violence who have left unsafe environments or relationships during the pandemic, helping them make a fresh start. We partnered with Detour House, Fairfield Women’s Health Service, The Northern Centre Ryde, and WASH House and distributed a total of $40,000 in this project.


ACCF COVID-19 Emergency Assistance for International Students was launched on 29 April 2020 and successfully concluded on 22 May 2020. This project was successfully implemented with the support of our partner community organisations: Metro Assist; NSW Spanish & Latin American Association for Social Assistance Inc; Uniting Harris Community Centre; Counterpoint Multicultural Services; Advance Diversity Services and Australian Indian sports Educational & Cultural Society Inc. 110 international students received emergency assistance from this scheme. Total assistance amounted to $33,000.
The community has demonstrated solidarity and resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic. ACCF worked in partnership with generous donors of face masks. 8,500 masks were distributed to our network of frontline workers and vulnerable community groups.


ACCF Bushfire Emergency Relief Appeal was launched on 12 December 2019 and concluded on 8 February 2020. Total donation received for this appeal was $171,874. The full amount was remitted to The Salvation Army to assist in emergency evacuation and later to assist in the recovery and rebuilding phases.


Funds totalling $170,185 raised for the Dilly Drought Drive


Introduction of the Legacy Fund on 20 June 2018. At the same occasion, the St Luke Fund (for youth & disabilities), the Pak Family Fund (for victims of domestic violence) and the Faith Family Fund (for the Aged) were established.


Sponsorship programme introduced.


$10,000 raised for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.


Funds totalling $151,519 raised for the Sichuan Earthquake Appeal.


Funds totalling $71,000 raised for the NSW Bushfire Appeal.


Funds totalling $262,000 raised through a joint campaign with TVBA and Chinese media for the North Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.


Funds totalling $300,000 raised for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, with the partnership of other organisation.

Fundraising campaign conducted in parallel with North Epping Community to establish a trust fund of $70,000 to support the education of Ms Brenda Lin, the sole survivor of the North Epping Lin Family murder.


ACCF and the Lions Club of Sydney Pacific raised funds to establish a scholarship at the University of New South Wales to foster better understanding of ethnic affairs, including Aboriginal issues, in terms of how they relate to the Australian society.


ACCF, together with other organisations raised over $500,000 to support the Indonesian Tsunami Appeal.


Establishment of China Vision Project together with the help of Lions Club of Sydney Pacific.


Festival of Nations celebrations at Darling Harbour. The Federation of Ethnic Councils and various schools were invited to perform traditional dances and wedding ceremonies representing the many different cultures in our ethnically rich country.


Festival of Nations celebrations at Bicentennial Park. The Federation of Ethnic Councils and various schools were invited to perform traditional dances and wedding ceremonies representing the many different cultures in our ethnically rich country.


Formation of ACCF.