Ms Stella Fan JP



Ms Stella Fan migrated to Australia in 1991 with her family. She started volunteer work in 1993 as a classroom and canteen helper in the local primary school, and later became a member of the canteen committee. When her children moved into high school, she continued to help in the canteen and the library. She was the treasurer of the Mother’s Club.In the religious community, she assisted in teaching Sunday school in the church, and served as a committee member of the Chinese Catholic Community (CCC). She is a member of the CCC Homes management committee, responsible for assessing client applications. Stella carries out active duty as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion in the Westmead Hospital.Stella has joined Australian Chinese Charity Foundation for more than ten years and has assisted in various positions including vice chair and a member of the Funds & Grants Assessment Committee.Stella works in the Australian Chinese Community Association since 2003. She is a Commonwealth Home Support Programme coordinator in the Association’s Western Centre.