Mrs. Monica Chu OAM

Monica migrated to Australia from Hong Kong in 1975 with her family. She is a retired accountant with keen interest in corporate governance and community work.

She is a trustee and an active member of the management committee of Australian Chinese Charity Foundation since 2000 to date, Council Chairman of the Foundation (2009-2011) and immediate Past Chairman (2018-2021) and current Vice Chairman of the Foundation.

She was the treasurer of Way In Network in 1999 and currently a Management Committee member and Public Officer of the organization.

She was a trustee and on the Board of Directors of Australian Nursing Home Foundation (2008-2016).

President of Lions Club of Sydney Pacific (2010) and received Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow in recognition of her contribution to Campaign SightFirst II.

Chairman of Management Committee of the Chinese Catholic Homes Ltd (2003-2005).


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