基金慈善撥款審批委員會 2019年度報告

2019 – 2020 has been a challenging year.

In July 2019, the Assessment Committee received and assessed 49 project grant applications and approved 20 projects at $78,585.00. These projects were selected according to the ACCF Community Project Funding program criteria to deliver impact on older people, youth, people with special needs and people affected by illness in the society. The projects aim to
build confidence, increase resilience, grow knowledge and new skills, and foster social connections.

The ‘arrival’ of coronavirus pandemic in Australia since the beginning of 2020 has impacted on the daily life and normal practice of everyone in Australia. The social distancing and social isolation policies have
explicably affected the delivery of the projects.Consequently, the ACCF management has agreed to grant a universal extension to the completion of the projects until the end of 2020.

The Funds and Grants Assessment Committee continues to work towards ACCF’s objectives of supporting vulnerable people in Australia and I take
this opportunity to thank the committee members Ms Tury To, Mrs Joanna Yeung, Mrs Gloria Cheung, Ms Annie Tang JP, Ms Faith Tan and Dr Peter
Wong AM for their commitment and passion.

2019 – 2020 Successful Projects

  1. Enticing Senior’s Senses Through History & Culture by 3Bridges Community
  2. Cancer Information for Chinese Cancer Patients and Their Families by CanRevive
  3. 130 Health Management Kits by Children’s Tumour Foundation
  4. Nature Outing by Chinatown Bilingual Support Group Parkinson NSW
  5. Recreational And Independent Living (RAIL) Skill Training Program for CALD People with Disabilities and Families by Chinese Parents
  6. Light and Shadow– a Community Art Expression and Exhibition by Christian Community Aid
  7. Medications for Aboriginal Children in Need by Earbus Foundation
  8. Out and About by Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative
  9. Translation into Chinese of How to Feed Your Baby’s Brain Booklet by Paint the Town REaD
  10. Management of People Living with Parkinson’s in an Aged Care Setting by Parkinson’s NSW Ltd
  11. Swimming and Water Safety Training for Young People with Intellectual Disability by Participate Australia
  12. Beautiful Smiles Despite the Miles – Treatment of Severe Malocclusions for Geographically Isolated and Financially Disadvantaged Children
    by Royal Far West
  13. Understanding Vision Impairment Through Simulation by Royal Institution for Deaf and Blind Children
  14. Strengthening our Chinese Grandparents by Ryde Family Services TA The Northern Centre
  15. Removing Barriers to Participation for Young Chinese-Australians by Shopfront Arts Co-op
  16. Building Life Skills of Teenagers with Intellectual Disabilities Through Active Participation by Special Children Services Centre Inc
  17. Talk Together – Educating and Empowering Parents of Deaf Children by the Shepherd Centre for Deaf Children
  18. Top Blokes Mentoring Program by Top Blokes Foundation
  19. United We Read Imagination Library by United Way South Australia Inc.
  20. The ARTucation Project by Youth Solutions

The Funds and Grants Assessment Committee thanks our donors for their generosity which enables these meaningful projects to be delivered to better the life of the vulnerable people.

基金慈善撥款審批委員會 2018 年度報告

It has been another busy year for the Funds and Grants Assessment Committee.

This was the second year since the start of our sponsorship programme and we distributed year two sponsorship funds to 5 applicants, totalling $15,300 in early July 2018. Congratulations to CanRevive Inc., Children’s Tumour Foundation, Chinese Parents Assoc- Children with Disabilities, Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre and The Girls & Boys Brigade for your continual hard work in the community.

We received more than 30 applications this year, with half from new applicants and one from interstate VIC. We prioritised those that matched categories stated by the two active legacy funds, being youth and disability and domestic violence.  In total $75,135.80 was distributed to the following recipient organisations:

We look forward to working with the above recipients and thank all applicants for their support to ACCF

Special thanks must be extended to the Funds & Grants Assessment Committee members (Dr Peter Wong AM, Committee Chairman, Ms Cecilia Tsai, Ms Tury To, Ms Joanna Ng, Mrs Gloria Cheung, Ms Faith Tan and Ms Annie Tang JP) who had been working tirelessly to achieve the objectives of the 2018 annual grant distribution.

基金慈善撥款審批委員會 2017 年度報告



  1. 3Bridges Community
  2. Child Abuse Prevention Service (Sydney) Inc.
  3. Epilepsy Action Australia
  4. Inspire Youth Centre Liverpool
  5. Metro Assist
  6. Parkinson’s NSW
  7. Parkinson’s NSW Chinatown Support Group
  8. Participate Australia
  9. RIDBC
  10. Special Children Services Centre
  11. St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
  12. The Reach Foundation
  13. Vision Australia
  14. Wheelchair Sports NSW
  15. Yarraville Community Centre
  16. Youth Off the Street
  17. Christian Community Aid


  1. Baptist Care NSW & ACT
  2. CanRevive Inc.
  3. Children’s Tumour Foundation
  4. Chinese Language Education Council of NSW
  5. Chinese Parents Assoc- Children with Disabilities
  6. Indochinese Aged Care Ltd
  7. Media Evangelism Aust Inc
  8. Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre
  9. StreetWork Inc
  10. The Girls & Boys Brigade

基金會非常榮幸地再次被選為年初澳大利亞國民銀行農曆新年慶典活動中抽獎券銷售的唯一受益者。新州、維州、昆州、西澳和南澳的總收入為澳幣$27420。另外,澳洲華人公益金的追加捐款以及我們中國新年晚宴籌集的資金,總計八萬五千澳幣,於2018年2月24日授予選定的唯一受益人Lifeline Australia。

2016 – 17 社區項目撥款受益機構

In the year 2016-17, Australian Chinese Charity Foundation (“ACCF”) received a total of 24 applications from charitable and non-profit community organisations. Many of which were former recipients but 9 were first time applicants.

After careful consideration, grants were given to 21 applicants amounting to a total grant of $83,176. This is almost double from last year and is a reflection of ACCF’s desire to provide more funding to those in need.

The recipient organizations for 2016/2017 include:

  1. Australian Chinese Community Association of NSW
  2. Cambodia Vision
  3. CanRevive Inc
  4. Chinese Parents Association- Children with Disabilities Inc
  5. Fresh Tracks Foundation
  6. Girl Guides NSW &ACT – Eastern Beaches – Southern Sydney Rivers Region
  7. Girls & Boys Brigade
  8. Gordon Baptist Church – English Plus Evening Service
  9. Indo-Chinese Aged Care Services
  10. Multiple Sclerosis Limited
  11. Parkinson’s NSW Chinatown Bi-lingual Support Group
  12. ReachOut Australia
  13. Ronald Macdonald House
  14. Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
  15. Sleep Health Foundatio
  16. Special Children Services Centre Inc.
  17. StreetWork Inc
  18. The Media Evangelism Australia Inc.
  19. The Reach Foundation
  20. Vision Australia
  21. Youth Off the Street

Funds were used to support different projects that benefit the community, including youth programs, creation of information fact sheets, migrant assistance programs, new exercise equipment for recovering patients and creation of braille books. This year was also the first year we supported the purchase of major equipment for two recipient organisations.

Commencing 2016 our Foundation was very privileged and grateful to be selected as the sole beneficiary of raffle ticket sales in the states of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria at the NAB Lunar New Year dinner events. NAB has further extended its generosity to include the states of South Australia and Western Australia in 2017 and 2018.

In 2017, the five States raised a total of $32,775 from raffle ticket sales. Our Foundation decided to match this amount and all funds were donated to local charity organisations in the states of Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

As a result of NAB’s generosity, we were able to donate a total of $81,640 to the following organisations:

  1. Immigrant Women’s Speakout Association of NSW – $40,820
  2. Safe Steps in Victoria – $13,630
  3. DV Connect Ltd in Queensland – $12,060
  4. Zonta House Refuge Association in Western Australia – $10,590
  5. Zahra Foundation Australia in South Australia – $4,540

2015-16 社區項目撥款受益機構

2015-2016 年期間共收到 16 個社區項目撥款申請,共有 15 個申請成功, 獲得了總數為 $43,026.75 的撥款。包括以下受益機構:
  1. Chinese Parents Association – Children with Disabilities Inc.
  2. Chinese Language Education Council of NSW
  3. The Media Evangelism Australia Inc.
  4. Special Children Services Centre Inc.
  5. Family Resource and Network Support Inc.
  6. CanRevive
  7. St. John Ambulance NSW
  8. Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
  9. Chinese Christian Community Service Centre
  10. Cherrybrook Community & Cultural Centre
  11. Parkinson’s NSW
  12. Youth Off the Street
  13. Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel
  14. Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
  15. The Girls and Boys Brigade

2014 社區項目撥款受益機構

2014-2015 年期間共收到 22 個社區項目撥款申請,獲得了總數為 $70,093.04 的撥款。成功申請社區項目撥款受益機構如下:
  • Chinese Parents Association – Children with Disabilities
  • Chinese Language Education Council of NSW
  • Special Children Services Centre Inc.
  • Australian Chinese Community Association of NSW
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
  • St John Ambulance NSW
  • Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association Inc.
  • Parkinson’s NSW
  • Ronald McDonald House, Westmead
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Wheelchair Sport
  • Continence Foundation of Australia
  • Vision Australia
  • The Girls and Boys Brigade
  • MS Australia
  • Indo Chinese Hostel
  • St George Association for People with Physical Disabilities
  • Christian Community Aid
  • CanRevive
  • Youth off the Streets
  • CCC Homes Maintenance

The second aim of Australian Chinese Charity Foundation is to support individuals and families in emergency circumstances. In March 2015, an application for emergency funding was received from a family whose daughter with intellectual disability suddenly passed away. A grant of $1000 was approved to assist in her funeral expenses.

On 13th March, 2015, Vanuatu was hit by a category 5 cyclone Pam, the most severe cyclone in its history, resulting in wide spread destruction and loss of life. On Efate Island, where the capital Port Vila is located, an estimated 90% of structures are damaged or destroyed. A state of emergency has been declared for Shefa Province, including Port Vila. Australian Chinese Charity Foundation launched an appeal to support ChildFund Australia’s effort to rebuild schools that have had their roofs ripped off in the cyclone and ensure safe, clean drinking water can be made available as soon as possible. The Appeal is current still in progress and will conclude on the 1st May, 2015.

Once again, I have the privilege of serving as the Chairman of the Funds & Grants Assessment Committee and am honoured to have the support and dedication from all the members of the Committee – Dr. Victor Tsang, Mrs Eve Chen, Mrs Maude Chin, Ms Cherie Kam, Miss Ruby Teng and Ms Stella Fan. I cannot ask for a better team and thank you. Let us continue to commit to the aims of ACCF and support the community at times of need.

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