The Foundation wishes to extend its sincere thanks and gratitude to the following individuals for their support and assistance in making this new website possible:

  • ACCF Web design / webmaster- Fish Productions
  • ACCF Website co-ordinator (2017 to date)- Mr Victor Yeung and Ms Joanna Ng
  • ACCF Website Art Director (2013 to date) – Mr Alex Ma
  • ACCF Web design/Web Master (2013 to date) – Mr Edward Hung
  • ACCF Web design/Web Master/Photographer (Prior to 2013) – Mr Allen Tang
  • ACCF Website Co-ordinator (2013 to date) – Mrs Monica Chu
  • ACCF Website Co-ordinator (Prior to 2013) – Ms Symone Bates
  • ACCF Website translation (2013 to date) – Ms Stella Fan and Ms Heidi Han